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Place your home under the wing of SurfingBird

Is your seaside apartment empty most of the year and wasting its potential? Or maybe you are just considering investing in a property and are looking for the most effective way to return on your investment? The answer is short-term rentals - one of the most attractive forms of investing in residential real estate.


Where to start?

Managing the rental of an apartment from a distance can be a challenge. However, we have a ready solution for you – our support. At SurfingBird we provide year-round apartment management and we will be happy to take care of your place as well. Our priority is to maintain the maximum possible occupancy of the apartment, while remembering to keep the property in impeccable condition. The apartments we manage provide regular income and the achieved rental standards save your time while maximizing profits.

Do we fit together?

Apartments in our portfolio are distinguished by their great location, design, functionality and excellent equipment. We want to offer our guests not only the best quality of service, but also the highest standard of place where they plan to spend their free time.

Do you have doubts whether your apartment for rent will meet the requirements of travelers? We can help you with that too:


We prepare the apartment for rent – we will conduct a renovation, arrange an unconventional interior, select equipment.

We deal with investment consulting – we will suggest seaside investments, which have the greatest rental potential

Why put your apartment under our wings?

We serve our and your Guests exactly the way we would like to be served during our trips. Thanks to that we can be sure that our service will stand out among many others and your Guests will be happy to return to your place.

Advantages for Guests


We are available to guests during their entire stay, always responding to any needs with courtesy and commitment.


A perfectly designed interior is not everything, all apartments are equipped with high quality facilities. Our guests can enjoy freshly roasted coffee in the iconic Moccamaster coffee maker and drink quality tea. We also provide them with high quality YOPE cosmetics and access to Netflix.


One of our priorities is to keep the apartments in perfect order and tidy.

The advantages for you


We manage the rental of the apartment completely, taking care of every detail of the service:

  • we supervise the technical condition of the property – we carry out minor repairs, replacements, etc.
  • apart from regular cleaning after guests’ stay, we carry out general cleaning once a year (washing curtains, upholstery and carpets), exchange of bed and bathroom linen,
  • we supply the apartment with cleaning and hygiene products, YOPE cosmetics, fresh coffee, high quality tea, olive oil, honey and spices.


We know how much impact marketing activities have on the number of reservations, therefore we actively communicate with potential Guests through various channels:

  • we present apartments on our website with a direct booking system,
  • we create profiles for apartment reservations on cooperating websites, such as: Booking, AirBnB, Nocowanie,
  • we cooperate with influencers,
  • we run social media profiles,
  • we send newsletters to our guests base,
  • we run a loyalty program for regular Guests.


We have no hidden marketing and service costs. We assume that transparency gives a sense of security for both parties. We guarantee transparent rules of cooperation and settlements. We prepare monthly booking reports and access to the panel for the owner.


We are constantly working to ensure that our guests return to us and recommend our offer to others.


If you want to spend time in your apartment, you always have the possibility to book it for an owner's stay.

We will take care of your apartment as our own!

Do you want to know the potential of your apartment? Contact us:

+48 604 082 345